True Love Is Within Podcast with Barret Hedeen

Coming to know that True Love is Within is one of the hardest and most rewarding journeys that you can take. It is an inner exploration of uncovering that which is false, and learning to let it go. As your old stories, grievances, and judgments fall away, your glorious self is revealed. This is the case for us all - what you really are is so far beyond words it is indescribable. You are pure Love, pure Light, pure Joy!

This podcast is a journey to uncovering this beautiful truth within you and in everyone it touches. Barret will interview other intuitives to share about their journeys. He will also be leading a series of healing sessions that will be the basis of much of the podcast. As Barret works with his client Trish to guide her through her fears and uncertainties, you will be experiencing healing as well. Much of what Trish expresses and heals in these sessions reflect issues in the listener’s life as well, leading to healing shifts for more than just her! Let your healing unfold as you listen to this healing adventure!

Barret Hedeen is an intuitive healer and guide through clients’ past lives. As the originator of The Witness Energy Healing, he facilitates healing shifts in one-on-one sessions as well as workshops and retreats around the US and beyond! Barret is the author of two books so far: Questions for J - And the Love that He Gave Me and a collection of poetry entitled Poems for J. He will be releasing an upcoming memoir on his own healing journey soon as well! Sign up for a free mini Healing Session with him by going to